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What is HACCP Level 3 Training?

30.01.19Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a seven-step food management system that needs to be implemented by businesses who work in the food industries. All managers or supervisors need to be part of the HACCP planning process, so that all members of staff are implementing safe food standards. One way to ensure that you have the correct knowledge and skills to train your staff and to fully understand the HACCP management system is by undertaking [...]



How to develop a HACCP plan

05.02.19HACCP planning (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a key part of food safety measures in any establishment where foodstuffs or ingredients are handled. HACCP is a systems-based approach which breaks the complex process of risk identification into straight-forward, implementable steps. If your business involves food, you need to have a HACCP plan in place. Read on to discover the main stages involved in successful HACCP planning:

1. Haz [...]



What is Due Diligence in Food Safety?

24.01.19Food safety regulations need to be strictly adhered to if you work in this industry. You may have come across the term due diligence with regards to food safety, but what does this mean exactly?

 Due diligence meaning

Due diligence in food safety means that you're doing everything reasonably possible to prevent a food safety breach from occurring. It can be used to prove that you are following food safety laws.



What does CIP stand for in food safety?

18.01.19When people are asked about food safety protocols, they usually think about food storage or cooking procedures. While these are crucial aspects of ensuring that food services are provided safely and effectively, there is also a range of manufacturing procedures that are just as important. One of these procedures is known as CIP, or Cleaning in Place, and it is an essential element of food preparation.

What is a CIP system?

In a [...]



What must a Food Safety program contain?

14.01.19Whether your business is focused on providing packaged foods for distribution, or serves customers directly in a dining venue, it's crucial that you take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you maintain a high level of food safety. 

One of the most important measures that you should take at your facility is to design an effective food safety program. This plan will help to provide clarity and consistency when it comes to food preparation, co [...]



How to make a HACCP flow chart

07.01.19With any business, safety is of paramount importance for your workers and patrons – and nowhere is this truer than the food service industry. One of the tools that can prove indispensable for caterers of all types is the HACCP flow chart, which allows your food safety team to develop and organise their processing procedures from the moment food enters the premises until it is sold in a timely manner. 

By using this tool, you can ensure that [...]



Four reasons why pest control is important in Food Safety


The feeling of disgust at the thought of rodents, insects or other pests sharing space with food preparation and storage areas is fairly intuitive. Nobody likes to think that a mouse or cockroach will have had a nibble at their food before they do! Unfortunately, kitchens and pantries are highly attractive to pests, not least because of the bountiful supply of foodstuffs, which is why it's vital to take preventative measures to discourage an infestati [...]



How to develop a good Food Safety culture


Food safety cannot be emphasised enough in the food industry. Any business dealing with food products needs to adhere to high safety standards to ensure the distribution of safe food; this begins with the building of a food safety culture within the organisation. Discussed below are four practices essential in developing a good safety culture in a food business. 


Culture building starts from the top [...]



Monitoring within Food Safety

17.12.18Why is monitoring important in Food Safety?

Although it may seem obvious, in the food industry the monitoring of food safety is vital for a variety of reasons:

Consumer Confidence 

Whether you run a supermarket, corner shop, restaurant or fast food outlet, your customers need to know the food and drink they are purchasing has been stored correctly and is free from contaminants (microbiological  poisoning). 

< [...]



Second customer dead after allergic reaction from a wrongly labelled sandwich

42 Year old pretPret A Manger have confirmed another person has died after consuming a sandwich bought from one of their stores and then suffering an allergic reaction. A 42 year old Celia Marsh has been named as the victim.  A sandwich that was advertised as guaranteed to contain dairy free yoghurt was found to contain dairy protein. Pret are also facing a lot of scrutiny over the detah of a 15 year old Natasha Ednan Laperouse, who also suffered an aller [...]