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How does Food Safety impact the customers experience?

16.05.19In England, displaying the Food Rating Certificate is not mandatory like it is in Wales and Northern Ireland, but very few customers would consider reserving a table in any establishment that failed to display its rating. Most customers would consider food safety as a key factor when selecting where to eat. That is why it makes perfect business sense to consider all aspects of food safety.

Cleanliness rated above service



Benefits of HACCP for your food business

11.05.19HACCP is not just a tool for managing the food hygiene and safety within the food industry, it also offers a number of valuable benefits which are discussed below. 

What is HACCP?

HACCP entails analysing all food risks in your business and identifying the main risk areas. Focus is then placed on these risks to ensure they are eliminated or cut to the safest possible level.

Comprehensive staff trainin [...]



Benefits of online Food Safety Training

02.05.19All business leaders recognise the simple fact that "time is money", and this is particularly critical for customer-facing businesses in the hospitality and food sectors. Yet, it's just as important to ensure all food workers are trained to meet the highest levels of food hygiene and safety standards. One ideal solution is registering workers for online food safety training and the benefits of this form of worker learning are discussed in detail below.
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Who needs Food Safety training?

25.04.19If you're working in the food industry it's important to be aware of who in your team will need food safety training. This provides instruction in the proper handling of food to prevent food-borne disease. UK law is clear on the need for such supervision and training but it may not be clear who in your organisation will need this training to meet the legal requirements. Here we explore who will need this essential training.

1. People who h [...]



Good food hygiene is critical for any business that handles or prepares foods

18.04.19Good food hygiene is critical for any business in the food sector, and can help prevent consumer harm and health hazards. If your business supplies, handles, or prepares food for consumers or for employees, then following good practices should be drilled into all food workers.

About food hygiene

Good hygiene and food safety practices can be classed as a scientific discipline which relates to all methods used for the h [...]



Why do staff not follow food safety procedures

10.04.19Why do staff not follow food safety procedures more so when there is a poor food safety culture within a company? We always say that should one remove the human element from the equation then all will be fine.

There are four main / common reasons why staff tend not to follow food safety procedures much like any other procedure in fact. These are: -

1. Preconception or as otherwise known “Optimis [...]



Why Food Safety training is important

03.04.19When working in any industry that involves food preparation and consumption, it is a legal requirement to receive and stay up to date with food safety training. Below we explain why food safety training is important.

UK law stipulates that all businesses working in the food industry undertake food safety training. This ensures the safe handling, preparation and storage of food. It also teaches the correct cleaning of food prep areas, how to avoid [...]



What is traceability in Food Safety?

28.03.19Traceability is a key part of food safety and is deeply ingrained in UK and European food legislation. It is the name given, under law, to the ability to track any feed, food, food-producing animal or substance that will be used in the consumption, processing, production, and distribution of food products across the European Union. In more technical terms, it is a tool designed for food business operators and authorities to minimise risk and recall items or wi [...]



How long should Food Safety records be kept for?

22.03.19Maintaining food hygiene is not only essential from a practical food safety point of view, it is also important from the theoretical angle and this means that accurate records must be kept. This applies to all sections of the food chain

Current Food Safety regulations

Currently in the UK, the main pieces of legislation that have to be taken into consideration are Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, the Food Safety Act of [...]



A basic guideline to the time and temperature principle of food safety

14.03.19One of the primary reasons for employees taking ‘sick days’ across the UK is due to contracting foodborne illnesses. The main reasoning behind the contraction of food-related illness is due to eating a food product that was not prepared in adherence to food safety principles, including adequate timing and temperature control principles. 

Different foods, depending on how they are prepared or served, require different food safety considera [...]