Tuesday, 09 May 2017 00:00

Health and Safety

Fee for intervention is contentious and unfortunately some businesses whose culture would be “we have always done it this way, why should we change” learn by their own mistakes and advice they are given is not heeded as they argue that they should not have to do the expense. In actual fact, businesses should consider health and safety measures as an investment rather than an expense and rightly so.

One particular business we are aware of just buried their head in the sand and absolutely did not want to implement simple controls such as training, risk assessing etc. When, eventually officers walked in, not only were they given a notice but had to implement all that they did not carry out over the years and to top it off, a hefty intervention fee charge until the officers were satisfied that they achieved the minimum level of control required in health and safety matters. Fee for intervention is charged at £129 per hour and it can take many hours to solve issues an officer may deem as required to be addressed

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