October 2018

Second customer dead after allergic reaction from a wrongly labelled sandwich

Pret A Manger have confirmed another person has died after consuming a sandwich bought from one of their stores and then suffering an allergic reaction. A 42 year old Celia Marsh has been named as the victim.  A sandwich that was advertised as guaranteed to contain dairy free yoghurt was found [...]
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Pret Inquest - Company had six allergic reactions in the year before a girl died an inquest has heard

Pret A Manger did not label "Artisan" baguettes as containing sesame seeds despite many prior warnings.  15 year old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse purchased a baguette at Heathrow Airport before flying to France in July 2016, she subsequently suffered an allergic reaction to sesame seeds that were i [...]
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A customer of Pret A Manger believes the company had an opportunity to save the girl who died from an allergic reaction to a Baguette but chose not too so to avoid excessive labelling

Chip Colquhoun, 34, from Cambridge, suffered an allergic reaction in Pret six years ago. He claims to have written an open letter to the CEO Clive Schlee at the time to warn him of his own predicament. Mr Colquhoun who has a shellfish allergy had his throat close up at a store in Cambridge after con [...]
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